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The Kitty Shrink

Thinking Outside the Box.

We speak Kitty Cat and we are going to teach you how to think like a cat, put your kitty glasses on, and see the world as your kitty sees it!

Do you need help with a kitty behavioral issue?
If so, our Sister Company, The Kitty Shrink can help!
They offer combo pet sitting packages that include a one-on-one evaluation of your kitty’s undesirable behavior and a clear Treatment Plan you can follow.

Pet Sitting Cattitude Package*

What does this include?


  • You will be provided with our Behavioral Evaluation Form prior to pet sits being performed to detail the issue

  • 5, 1-Hour consecutive pet sits to observe & engage with your kitty and evaluate their environment

  • A comprehensive assessment of the behavioral issue

  • Hands-on behavioral modification training with kitty

  • Resources tailored to your kitty’s treatment plan

  • Kitty/Pet Parent Homework

*Only applicable for Timid Cats, Kitty-Human Aggression, Play Aggression, Kitten Training


*Only available in Culver City (90232, 90230), Mar Vista (90066), Palms (90034), Santa Monica Beach (90405), Playa Vista (90094), Marina Del Rey (90292), Venice (90291)

Cat in a Green Vest
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