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Lifelong friendship

Professional Pet Sitting, Personal Care

Every Pet is an Individual at K-9 Kats!

Our team of experienced and compassionate pet sitters is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your pets while you're away. From walks and playtime for dogs to attentive care for cats, gentle interactions with birds, maintaining the perfect habitat for reptiles, and ensuring the tranquility of your aquatic friends, we tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each pet.

With our pet sitting services, you can enjoy your time away, confident that your furry, feathery, scaly, or finned family members are receiving the best care possible.


We provide more than just the necessities:

Cuddling Cats
Culver City Dog Walking Service
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🐾  We take the time to find the shy kitty that’s hiding, and work to build trust to bond with them.

🐾  We know what separation anxiety looks like in a dog that’s missing their parents and has chewed up a toy or who is scared to go on a walk.

🐾  We monitor litter pan activity and potty breaks for signs of health issues.

🐾  We can identify when a pet isn’t feeling well, whether it be physically or emotionally and we have the know-how to deal with medical issues when they arise.

🐾  We are trained in pet nutrition and we pay close attention to a pet’s eating habits and water intake.

🐾  We know some pets come from traumatic backgrounds which means they require patience and moving at their own pace.

🐾  We know pets come with a variety of quirks and moods just like we do, and our Team takes the time to learn what your fur, feather and finned babies’ are. 

Pet The Bunny

Choose A Team Of Sitters You Can Trust

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Background Checked, Bonded, Insured & Fully Trained

It’s important to know the differences between hiring a hobbyist or sitter from a massive App-based company, and hiring a professional sitting service. At K-9 Kats we carefully screen each sitter before they are hired. Additionally, App-based companies use independent contractors, which means not only have they not personally met their staff, the company by law, cannot train them. At K-9 Kats each sitter must pass a phone interview & two in-person interviews, a reference and a background check before they’re hired. Additionally, they must complete a rigorous two week training program and earn their Red Cross Pet First Aid certification. Continued pet education for our Team is part of our approach to providing superior care. Hobbyists are rarely insured. K-9 Kats is fully insured, bonded and has a Worker’s Compensation Policy. 

Reliable Experts in Animal Care Since 2004

Experience matters when it comes to your pets and your home. Our Team is prepared to handle any obstacles or emergencies that arise. Your pet will also benefit from our expertise in animal behavior and health. 


Individual Attention

Your pet will receive individual care, attention, and play that is not available in a larger, more impersonal location like a pet hotel, kennel or vet’s office. We find that private care is superior to group pet sitting & dog walking services. We love your pets as if they are our own.

Maintain Daily Routines

Consistency is key. Pets, like us, are creatures of habit. Having a fun yet predictable routine in their own environment is important to their physical and mental health. You can be confident that K-9 Kats will deliver quality care each and every day that you are apart from your best friend.


The Comfort of Home

Home provides familiarity & security, where your pet is safe from exposure to illness, negative encounters with other pets & uncomfortable experiences with numerous care takers. Sometimes our departures can be very stressful for our pets, so avoiding trips to boarding facilities, doggy day-cares, and pet hotels can be in their best interest. 


Special Needs Support

For a special needs pet, administering medication in a non-stressful environment is a preferable choice. Our Team is trained in administering medications; oral, topical and injections.

Looking After Your Home

We not only look after your pet but your home as well. We watch for any signs of crime in your neighborhood. We make sure mail & packages are brought in, waste bins are taken out and lights are rotated.

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